Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back in Hueco Tanks

Yesterday we finally got back to Hueco and I had a nice first climbing day. First I flashed the classic Full Service, V10 and after that made a quick ascent to Full Throttle, V13. After that I flashed Le Pelerin, given V12 but it felt really soft. Later in the day I did Algerita V13 and managed to fall from the last jug of Skidmark because I was so pumped. Feels really good to be back in Hueco! I'll post a photo update soon.

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  1. knut sømme19/2/09 11:56

    Looks like it crushing time down there, well done, but isn’t it time to try "hard" problems?
    Have to wait to April to start bouldering again, frustrating!


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