Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photo update

Seems like the weather here is just getting hotter every day. Yesterday I managed to climb Nagual V13 and The Flame V12 even though it was the hottest day of the trip, around 90 degrees. With these temps skin gets destroyed before you even know it. A lot of the hard boulders here are just out of the question without good conditions. Tomorrow we will wake up early and try to make the best of the decent temperatures in the morning. The Rock Rodeo is on Saturday but I don't know if I want to compete in this heat and wreck my skin completely.

Nagual V13

Nagual V13

The Machinist is on this boulder

The Machinist V13

The Machinist

Flashing Full Monty V12

East Mountain

Jingus Bells V7


  1. Freaken climate change! I bet there will be anoter cold front before you leave though. Jingus bells- all time classic! The machinist is on the german photo route boulder? Hhuu... looks sick though. Hope you do the rodeo and keep crushing!

    I saw Pure BTW. The rocklands footage is dope

  2. I love Jingus Bells! Yes, The Machinist is on the German photo route boulder and it's definitely one of the best new problems in Hueco.


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