Monday, November 23, 2009

Interview with Joost Climbing

Here is a link to an interesting interview I did with JoostClimbing:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Finland Photos

I'm in Helsinki, looking at the snow falling on the ground. For me the snow means one thing, time to get out of here. Conditions were nice until yesterday, but now it looks like there won't be too much climbing going on here anymore. Some projects remain unclimbed, until the next time. Chuck Fryberger was here filming and we got some nice footage, that I'm very psyched about. Since the snow put a stop to everything, there isn't much to report. 2 days ago I flashed a very nice 8A problem called Stylewars. It felt really soft for 8A, though. No photos of this one, sorry. Next week I'm leaving the snow and cold behind and going to Switzerland to develop a new bouldering area and try a few problems I haven't repeated yet. I'll post some photos soon. In the meantime here's some photos from Finland:

First Ascent of Spider Pig 8A, Sipoo

 Tornaattori, Puumala

 First Ascent of Never Land, Åland

 Fågelberget, Åland

 Bridge jumping