Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pure Tour, Part 1: Austria

I've been here in Austria for a few days now with Cody and Chuck and it's been great. The Pure tour is on and so far we have done two shows here in Austria, one in St. Anton on Friday and one in Innsbruck last night. The shows have been good and a lot of people showed up. The next screenings coming up are in Zurich on Thursday and in Salzburg on Friday. Now we have a few days to go snowboarding and hopefully climbing if the weather allows.

The biggest achievement of the trip so far has been beating a game called Catch-a-Mouse. Chuck managed to solve all the 35 levels on hard in one session. I've done all the levels, but I'm still working on the link-up.

Here is Chuck playing the game:

Beat the Finn!

Cody doing something wierd

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