Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pure Tour, Part 2: Salzburg

We are back at the base camp in Innsbruck again. The show in Salzburg went really well and we had a nice bouldering session before and after at the gym. We were syked to go bouldering in Maltatal but the weather wasn't on our side.

Busting some tricks with the scooter, (c) Chuck Fryberger

Now it is raining in Austria and the forecast looks pretty depressing. The next show is in Verona, Italy on Friday and we want to climb before that, but it looks like it will be raining all over Europe. Negative!! Ticino seems to be out of the question. Meschia is another option for bouldering, but it seems the weather will be bad there too.

Kilian whipping the crowd, (c) Chuck Fryberger

We've been training at Tivoli with Kilian Fischuber a couple times now, because the weather has been quite bad for this time of year. He keeps showing us these crazy problems that are actually really fun to climb. It's always a good workout pretty much for everything else, but not so much for finger strength. Luckily for increasing our finger strength, we have been playing a game called Catch-a-Mouse on my Ipod. That one we actually already beat, but now Chuck got addicted to a new game called Tap Tap Revenge 2 and has been playing it pretty much non-stop. He has already scored 259 116 points and his endurance has never been better. Now all he is talking about are multipliers and high scores.

Cody breakdancing in Salzburg

We are all hoping the weather gets better and we get to go climbing. If not, at least there is a lot of fresh snow up on the mountains so for snowboarding it should be good now. I only have another week left in Europe before I'm flying to Japan for three weeks, so I'm syked to climb while I'm still here.

Austrian way of promoting just another regular night at the club


  1. Anonymous29/3/09 20:15

    summer should arrive on tuesday :)

  2. You should also try a game called Dactyl.
    Not to mention about Monopoly. You will be addicted :D

  3. Anonymous31/3/09 14:14

    ohh...i was in maltatal on saturday and the weather was quite good.....
    but now it's pretty shitty...think it will be better on the weekend again!!

  4. Anonymous9/10/10 01:02

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