Friday, December 25, 2009

Could Be Worse

Finally the film is finished. None of us know anything about filming or editing so we decided on the name Could Be Worse. I personally think it turned out pretty decent, so here it is. Please send all negative feedback to

A short bouldering film (27 min) shot in Ticino, Switzerland and Maltatal, Austria. Starring Nalle Hukkataival and Kuutti Huhtikorpi.

List of problems:

Conquistador, 8A+
Ninja Warrior, 7C+ FA
Schule des Lebens, 8A+
Nameless, 6C+
Special Edition, 8A
Fake Pamplemousse, 8A
Walker on Earth, 8A
Ninja Skills, 8B+ FA

Wrestling with an Alligator, 8B
The Power of Goodbye, 8B
Marmelade auf der Schulter, 8A

I also added a video of Ninja Skills to my previous post (also in the film).



  1. Very nice video! Great work!

  2. Very nice movie. Like close-ups on the hold, you get a better idea of the problem! Good job!

  3. Awesome short film...I like the straight forward cinematography and simple nature of the film...very inspiring!

  4. Really nice! Really. Would have bought it.

  5. It's really nice!!

    Cangrats dude...

  6. Nalle, clearly you are a very good jedi, I mean, climber, but when it comes to chocolate speed-eating, I think you still have much to learn my young padawan.

  7. I was sleeping in front of my notebook....I"m kiding.You are the strongest viking on the world, where is Your Drakkar"a?

  8. Keep up the good work!!! Ninja Skills look so rad!

  9. Good quality awesome short film!!! Sick climbing dude, problems look POES cool!!!

  10. Inspiring clip m8. You are really a good climber. Its really nice to see you climbing hard problems. However it would be nice to also see a few good problems in the lower (read humane) range, like a few more problems in the 7's range. Cheers =D

  11. Thanks for the comments, everyone! For this project, we just filmed whatever we happened to be climbing on. For the next one, we'll try to include more good-quality easier problems.

  12. Anonymous2/1/10 03:39

    Absolutely amazing, really inspiring. They whole video had me biting my nails. Wish I had the time to do a trip of my own. Anyway fantastic achievement.
    Btw, what the first song called?

  13. The first song is Eple by Röyksopp.

  14. Your video is of high quality, especially for a first time.Editing,music and footage,all are very good and I look forward to next releases.Nalle don't be so modest, it's reallya great production and many 'proffesional' movies lack in ways Your certainly does not. Keep it up and Let the Force be with You

  15. Anonymous4/1/10 22:20

    Tell me dude:) What"s the name of song when your m8 climbs?

  16. That's a mix my friend made. I just had it on my computer.

  17. Surprisingly fluent and strong climbing from two mutants even if the shirts stay on! :-) Kuutti even shows some fighting grin which is nice. I like the straight forward documentary style a lot more than some music vid wannabe crap. So because it is so good it really COULD be worse :-) Keep up the good work. Would´ve bought it too as Anssi put it. I´d buy Anssi too!

  18. good video! could it be that some people get ninjas and jedis mixed up?
    'Let the Force be with You'
    'I think you still have much to learn my young padawan'

    wrong movie :-)

  19. Anonymous6/1/10 23:12

    Bad news...Respect for your frEND who made realy good mix...stay strong:)

  20. Anonymous8/1/10 14:09

    Could be worse.

  21. Hey Nalle, fantastic video! I agree with the others that say they like the close ups of the fingers and holds, gives the viewer a better perspective of what they might feel like. What editing software do you use? Any chance we could get the list of songs or the artists used? ~John~

  22. Anonymous25/2/10 13:22

    Yeah, please provide a list of songs/artists

  23. The film is great an inspiring! Great job Nalle and all you other guys! Must go out bouldering now!

    Have a question! In what program have you edited the video? Seems you use a Mac!

    Hope to see more films from you!!

    Best regards and keep sending!


  24. Thanks! Yes, I have a mac and I would have never even tried to make a film with a PC. I used a combo of Final Cut Pro, After Effects CS4 and Photoshop CS4, but most of it was done simply in iMovie, because I wasn't really familiar with Final Cut Pro yet.

  25. Hey! The video is great.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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