Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spain and CORE

Not much has been going on lately. I've been trying to get some endurance by climbing some easier routes around 8a+ - 8b. I feel like my endurance has finally improved enough to start trying the hard routes. We've been climbing mainly in Oliana lately, where all the routes are extremely long, but also a little bit in Margalef where all routes are much shorter. I've been syked on the long routes that are really hard for me, instead of getting on the short ones that I know I can do.

Since there's not much to report right now, here's a bunch of photos instead:



Humildes pa casa

Humildes pa casa, the best tufa in Spain!


Dave checking out a boulder project


Les Avellanes



On another topic, Chuck Fryberger's new film CORE is coming out soon. I'll let the trailer speak for itself. Check it out here soon:

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  1. Anonymous27/2/10 18:04

    Go for the big fish! Go Nalle GO


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