Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New boulders

Not many people would drive 8 hours back and forth on a Friday to go run around the woods for nine hours while it's raining.

That's how I spent my Friday. After hours on the computer scrolling trough maps and aerial images, I was headed towards a remote area about 4 hours drive North east of Helsinki. Maps are an essential tool for finding boulders in Finland, because there are thick forest everywhere so the visibility is often really bad and the boulders are usually scattered around. You never really get a good view from the road, so you really need to go look at each boulder individually. So, after several exhausting hours of non-stop boulder hunting, I did find some really cool projects and not just individual boulders, but potentially actual areas.

 Some of the small roads were in bad shape               

The weather forecast for the this week looks a bit dubious, but whatever. I'm psyched to go out there and make some first ascents and brush some cool projects. If it's going to rain the whole time, at least I'll have a change to go look for some new boulders around.

I'm driving out there in the morning and I was just packing some of my stuff and once again realized how much gear I actually bring on a bouldering trip. Often people say that bouldering is nice because you don't need a lot of gear. I would say quite the opposite. When I was sport climbing in Spain, I often realized how nice it was that you didn't have to carry a lot of gear.

I'll be out for a few days if the weather allows and hopefully come back with some photos and video.


  1. great story! good luck with your new boulders and don't forget to keep us up to date with heaps of pics ;)

    best wishes from the frankenjura,

  2. I appreciate your sacrifice and please create a map(how to get there) because a lot of people will want to visit Your projects for example,me:D

  3. Anonymous5/5/10 14:38

    Nalle, yea... you forgot the crashpads, spare clothes, and a weapon hehe . what's that thing on the left of the Camera? it looks like the skin of a snake or something...

  4. there is a lot of digital stuff that I would never take myself.. but hey, if you didn't I wouldn't be writing this

  5. Anonymous6/5/10 16:52

    Marc its a gorilla pod for the camera

  6. I know some people use infrared map imaginary, so boulders "stick out" from forest (as they're colder). I never managed to find high resolution infrared maps for my place though :(


    haha! not on the same scale, but this reminded me of when kevin jorgeson posted about packing for el cap.

    what is all of that stuff? could you list it out for us, nalle?


  8. you missed most important item - toilet paper


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