Sunday, September 19, 2010


The conditions are getting prime in Colorado right now, so here I am. I got here three days ago and we've been to the new area Lincoln Lake / Wolverine Land twice now. I must say it's looking very promising. There seems to be a lot of potential for new lines and a lot of the established lines look really good. I still haven't fully gotten used to the altitude, because the area is at about 12,000 ft.

We probably have about 2-3 weeks time at this area, before the snow comes and the road gets closed. After that RMNP should be good and we're also planning on going to Idaho to try Warpath, an unrepeated V15 from James Litz.

This just happened today, so I may have to stay off crimpy problems for a few days, but I'm still psyched to get out there and go find some cool projects!


  1. Wanna come to Arkansas? Wood grain grippin, loved by few, lost in the hood. And an unfinished project that'll go 14/15. Come! So much rock!

  2. thinking about trying the game since you're in colorado?

  3. You guys should consider a drive though Wyoming on the way back from Idaho. A huge amount of rock is sitting here, waiting for a few strong climbers. Jamie and Brian Capps will confirm the rock quality.

  4. Anonymous23/9/10 22:19

    you'll be psyched on warpath for sure its an awsome problem.


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