Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's On Like Donkey Kong!

It's been forever since my last blog post. As much as I love being constantly on the road, sometimes I just need a little break from it all; hotel rooms, airports, rental cars, airline food, speaking a foreign language, people that come and go… Traveling can get tough sometimes, so I've been chilling in Finland for a while and getting psyched to hit the road again.

© Nalle Hukkataival
The climbing season here in Finland has been over for long after we got a record amount of snow already at the end of November, so it's just been climbing on plastic for me. I completely missed the small window to try the Sisu project. Before the snow I had my last attempts on my Opposition project, but it still remains unclimbed. It's interesting that this is a project that is near my home and I've probably tried it more than any other project ever, but still I think it's only an 8B+. I got very close to sending it just before my trip to Colorado last fall, but then got a minor injury on it and had to stop trying it. In November, after returning from Colorado, I competed in the IMS Bouldering Cup in Brixen, Italy, which I was psyched to win ahead of Kilian Fischuber and Paul Robinson. Last week I also won the Finnish bouldering nationals.
IMS Cup 2010 photo: Angelica Hintner

Now it's time to get out there again and climb on some real rock! Right now I'm at Helsinki airport waiting for my flight to board. I'm going back to the States, to Las Vegas where I'm meeting up with Kilian Fischuber, Anna Stöhr and the rest of the Austrian crew. First stop is Red Rocks for a couple of days and then Bishop for about three weeks. Chuck Fryberger should be joining us in Bishop to do some filming. This will be my first time in Bishop and I can't wait for all the highballs and classics I've seen so many photos of!

Stay tuned for updates!


  1. Have fun in Bishop. Wish I was out there to cop some shots of some sick sending.

  2. Good to see you back online. Thought you were injured or something! Have fun in Bishop!

  3. Nalle,
    It's sweet that you got to quit the nomad life for a bit, return home, and rebuild psyche. HOWEVER, glad to see yer crushing again...Any plans for Lucid Dreaming or spectre on this trip? Enjoy your time out there!


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